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How To Start Your Private Label Or Packaging Box ?

We have made thousands of different packages already. What template do you love with? Luxury Magnetic, Paper or Simple Plastic Boxes? We can offer the surface can even be upgraded with GOLD / Sliver printing、UV printing、Snake Skin、Holographic printing or other technology as you want, no matter what theme you want: luxury style, pink style, simple style, fancy style, etc. Every detail can be customized .

Step 01.

Email us the Box Template / the types of eyelash extensions private label you like, send your detail request : adding your Logo, Business Name, Slogan, Contact Information (IG, Email, Website, etc.) or any other details you need.

Step 02.

We will provide initial design within 3 working days( Charge $40 less than 1000 pieces).

Step 03.

Design modified to your satisfaction.

Step 04.

Bulk or Sample Box manufacturing.

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